• One Brand One Store

    FanXing Best insists on One Brand One Store principle. Customers no longer need to worry about buying fake goods since the brand operators treasure their products and customers most, so they will do anything to avoid fake goods. As an E-commerce APP aiming at mobile users, FanXing Best is founded on the basis of customers’ needs, and sharing best-chosen life style is also one of the company’s duties. To fulfill this commitment, the company tries to create a complete consumption scene centered by the famous bloggers and brands, make customers become the spokesmen for brands so as to make the brands more competitive and finally form a healthy community E-commerce system that decentralizes web-traffic.

  • Global Brand

    FanXing Best platform gathers a great many domestic and foreign brand companies to import foreign brands to Chinese market. Meanwhile, it also looks for and cultivates outstanding domestic brands so that customers will gradually form correct brand values, then the emotional connection between customers and brands will be built up, and different customers can share their purchasing experience on the platform as well.

  • Overseas Supply

    FanXing Best invites third party merchants to open stores on its platform. It signs contract with foreign brand operators, and delivers goods either from China or foreign countries. By providing customers high quality products from all over the world, the company makes sure customers can purchase everything in the world from home.

  • Distribution by one clicking

    On FanXing Best platform, buyers can set up their own stores, become the sales agents of the products they favor, and share with their friends by one clicking. They don't need to pay deposit, neither will they face the pressure from all other agents above them. To get commission and participate in the brand operation, all they need to do is to share products with their friends. For brand operators, this will help them attract the most loyal customers who are possilbe to be their salesmen and brand distributors.